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When driving in & around Darlington in your vehicle please avoid wherever possible hitting pot holes in the road, especially after it has been icy the roads are more prone to new pot holes appearing, hitting a pot hole in your vehicle increases the risk of suspension parts breaking or becoming weak & also contributes towards the tracking on your vehicle being knocked out of alignment which will cause uneven & premature Tyre wear.


The same is also possible if you bounce the vehicle up & down the kerbside where they haven’t been lowered or the step reduced to allow vehicles to drive up them gently, speed bumps are a much more common road hazard now than ever before & obviously are there for a reason to calm traffic speeds in built up residential areas & near to schools, they are designed in such a way as to slow you down & if you do slow down to the correct speed appropriate to driving over the speed bump then no damage will occur to your vehicle, if however you fail to slow down sufficiently then you can be sure to damage or cause premature wear to your vehicle suspension.