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From time to time a vehicle manufacturer will identify a common fault on a vehicle which they have manufactured & sold, If this common problem is identified as a safety related fault then the vehicle manufacturer concerned has a duty of care to contact all current vehicle owners of the affected model’s & immediately advise the owners to make an appointment at their local dealer to have the vehicle checked for the identified fault & rectify the problem free of charge via the manufacturer’s warranty programme.

Sometimes a current owner can’t be traced as they have sold the car to a car sales outlet & the original selling dealer has the incorrect records on file & the recall letter is sent to the wrong address, The manufacturer can access D.V.L.A records but again this can result in the car being sold in between the data base being built & the letters being sent out, also if the recall isn’t safety related the manufacturer will often just wait until a vehicle is presented with the know fault at a dealership & will then rectify the problem through the warranty programme.

Ringroad Rescue have found a web site for our customers to use to check if their vehicle has a known recall listed for their make & model check here.