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If your car is due its annual MOT test within the next 30 days, Click here to read all about that rule.

Then why not give us a call 01325 352625 & get yourself booked into one of our available MOT testing slots, one of the tips we give our customers is to make sure your vehicle isn’t going to come into us and be guaranteed to fail the MOT test!!

What do we mean?

Well if you present your vehicle for MOT test & it has a bulb out or the washer fluid is squirting passing pedestrians rather than your windscreen or your tyres are below the legal limit, then unfortunately we will have no option to fail your vehicle.

A lot of the items that form the annual MOT test can’t be checked by the vehicle owner & rectified prior to the vehicle entering our workshop but the items above are easily checked & can be fixed or changed prior to the test being carried out, Resulting in not needing a retest or having to bring the vehicle back to us on another day.

For more information & some pictures of our MOT equipment follow the link to our MOT page via this link>>>MOT